See how one of our schools uses the Learn OnDemand® Poster Maker to help their students achieve success!

Visual Learning Made Easy - Learn OnDemand® Poster Maker

Are you ready to transform your classrooms into visual learning environments?

The Learn OnDemand® family of products makes it easy!

Our Learn OnDemand® printing products are the perfect tools to Instruct, Inform, and Inspire your students. Our Poster Maker lets you quickly and easily create full color posters to help reinforce learning, inspire creativity, and inform students of school rules and activities. The Learn OnDemand® Awards & More helps you create awards and recognition items to help motivate students for success. Instantly print signs, plaques, bumper stickers, brag stickers, visitor passes and more, all at a fraction of the cost of a print shop. Incorporate stickers and buttons onto posters for truly unique works of art! And be sure to preserve your printed pieces with our cold laminating systems. No heat and no electricity is needed to quickly and easily protect your posters and artwork for years. Contact our customer representatives for great pricing on complete printing system packages for your school!

Our Products

Learn OnDemand® Poster Maker
Open a world of possibilities
for your visual learners
Learn OnDemand® Awards & More
Reward, motivate, fundraise,
and so much more
Cold Laminators
Protect printed pieces with
no heat, no mess laminators

Reward their achievements and
Motivate them for success

What if you could instantly print out awards, stickers, buttons and more to reward behavior or achievements? Now you can with the Learn OnDemand® Awards & More Full Color Label Maker.

The possibilities are endless!

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If we were to purchase the number of posters and banners we have designed from a sign shop we would easily be spending thousands of dollars each school year. The ease of use and affordability of our Learn OnDemand® Poster Maker makes this system one of the best purchases we have made. From AIG classes, to our arts department, to clubs and organizations, this is one product the entire school can use.

William Bost, School Treasurer

Current Event Poster Downloads – At Your Fingertips!

When major events occur in the world, our customers are alerted via e-mail to the availability of several posters relating to the event. Whether it’s a major disaster, world conflict, national holiday, or the upcoming testing season, our customers have access to current events posters when they need them! It’s just one of the ways we provide ongoing support to our customers.

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