Classcraft is an education technology company that is currently used in 75 countries. Over 25,000 schools here in America use it.  It has been reported that classrooms who use Classcraft have seen an increase in student achievement of more than 8 percent over the course of a school year. If that isn’t good enough, Classcraft is launching “Quests” which takes the experience of going to school and turns it into a game of role-playing. According to Classcraft, “Quests” overlays a teacher’s existing lesson plan and creates a rich fantasy world. It’s a world that allows students to navigate by completing curriculum-related assignments, or quests. Each world’s map is made up of pathways that branch out. Students move through it based on how they perform each task. This allows each child’s journey across the map to be personalized.

“Completing a quest objective unlocks the next in the lesson, such as a new assignment, discussion, or in-class learning activity. All students will reach the end of the map, but the way they get there depends on their learning progress. Students who demonstrate mastery can move ahead quickly while those who need more time with a concept can receive extra support through additional or different quest objectives.” –Classcraft


By using the classroom management tools, teachers are able to award students points in “Quests” for:

  • thoughtful discussion
  • submitting assignments on time
  • turning in assignments in advance

Teachers are also able to track the progress of their students allowing them to easily adapt the lessons accordingly. In addition, teachers have the ablility to incorporate their Google Classroom assignments into “Quests”.

“The ‘Quests’ management system in Classcraft makes it easy to create multiple quest lines, thus providing choice in learning pathways for my students,” said Steve Issacs, a teacher at William Annin Middle School in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, who has been using the beta of “Quests” for the last two months. “My students are deeply engaged, and I’m loving the elegant design as it provides for an intuitive workflow. The new addition of ‘Quests’ rounds out the Classcraft ecosystem, making it do everything I’d want a gamified course management system to do.”


To learn more, click here to read Classcraft’s announcement.