So many teachers already love ClassDojo for it’s ability to manage behavior in the classroom, but now it’s going to be able to do even more. Last Thursday, ClassDojo announced the addition of a “Toolkit”. The Toolkit will include eight tools and will do common classroom activities for teachers such as assigning classroom groups, having students share in pairs, picking a student at random, playing classroom music, and much more. The Toolkit is integrated into the ClassDojo app and will automatically project from the teacher’s phone to the smartboard. This will allow teachers the ability to move around more freely in their classrooms.

“All I need to do for my students I can now do with ClassDojo: from communication with parents to full school messaging and student-led portfolios,” said Chelsey Guttery, a seventh grade teacher in Morristown, Tennessee. “I use it in my classroom every single day and tell each teacher I meet that it’s the only app they’ll need this year. And once they join, they quickly agree!”~ ClassDojo


ClassDojo announced that the Toolkit will contain a set of eight tools:

  1. Music: Teachers can create a classroom soundtrack. There are multiple stations to choose from to help teachers set the tone for any and every activity depending on if they want to help students focus or encourage them to be more active.
  2. Group Maker: The toolkit will randomly generate student groups.
  3. Random: Will select a student at random as part of a lesson or for classroom tasks.
  4. Think Pair Share: The toolkit will create questions. Then students are able to think about their answers and discuss them in pairs.
  5. Noise Meter: Helps everyone realize when the classroom is getting too rowdy — or when it’s not rowdy enough.
  6. Directions: Teachers can now share directions straight from their phones. No need to ever repeat themselves.
  7. Timer: The toolkit includes a timer perfect for transitions and work time allowing students to always know how much time they have left.
  8. Today: Project the morning announcements, activities, etc. using the Toolkit.

The Toolkit began rolling out last Thursday- July 27th. Teachers who currently have ClassDojo will have access the Toolkit for free. For more information on ClassDojo or the Toolkit, go to and

To read ClassDojo’s announcement, click here.