The Council Bluffs Community School District (CBCSD)  is currently using a version of FutureReady Graduate that contains both academic and social-emotional indicators. They feel this version helps make sure that all students graduate having the knowledge, skills, and character needed to become both responsible citizens and to have a successful life after high school. The Profile of a FutureReady Graduate covers 10 key areas of knowledge, skills, and character attributes.

The social-emotional learning competencies CBCSD is using include:

  1. Relationship skills
  2. Responsible decision making
  3. Self-awareness
  4. Self-management and
  5. Social awareness

“At the district’s middle and high schools, advisement provides the common time during the school day for skill-building around healthy relationships and social-emotional competencies. Advisement teachers are responsible for forging strong relationships with students to promote their academic and social-emotional growth. During advisement, teachers and students will use social-emotional data from Panorama Education to facilitate one-on-one conversations with students about social-emotional goals and growth. In addition, students and teachers will use social-emotional indicators of FutureReady Graduates to engage parents and families.” –Panorama Education


Academic indicators of a FutureReady Graduate include:

  1. Attendance
  2. Community and activity involvement
  3. Credits earned beyond the minimum
  4. Grade point average (GPA) and
  5. Planning for school & beyond

“Our aims for spelling out the indicators of FutureReady Graduates are to support every student through graduation and to ensure that, by graduation, students have the skills and competencies for holistic success in life,” said Dr. Corey Vorthmann, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. “Reading, math, and academic readiness are our baseline. With the new Profile of a FutureReady Graduate, we are committing as a district to ensure students also have the skills and attitudes to be active, positive members of our communities throughout their lives.” .


To read Panorama Education’s announcement in full, click here.