Cricket Media, Inc. is bringing students and eMentors across the country together with the launch of CricketTogether. CricketTogether is an eMentoring platform that matches adult role models with 3rd-5th grade students one on one. It creates an environment that’s safe and one where kids can build friendships with their eMentors. Students are able to learn from content that interests them, and then get guidance and coaching from their teachers/eMentors. This program brings students, teachers, and eMentors together across geographic and demographic boundaries to discuss subjects and content covering various genres. It really is a unique and innovative program.

“Leveraging Cricket Media’s extensive portfolio of award-winning children’s content, CricketTogether sparks student engagement with real-life application of reading and writing. During the course of the school year, a third grader in Washington, D.C. might read and learn about the environment and share his perspectives in writing with a civil engineer in Philadelphia or a fifth grader in New York City might read about artificial intelligence and then discuss the creation of smart robots with a software developer in Silicon Valley.” -Cricket Media, Inc.

Students are now able to experience life beyond the neighborhood that they live in.  CricketTogether is fully digital and is available 24/7 as it’s managed in the cloud.  It is a safe and secure environment for students and all adult mentors are carefully screened.

CricketTogether is sponsored by corporations who encourage their employees to be role models and mentors and therefore is offered free for teachers to use with their students. To apply to participate during the upcoming school year, visit or email

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