“A diverse and growing group of students, English learners continue to have a strong influence on the ever-changing K-12 landscape. Their unique needs and assets often sit at the heart of many districts’ equity plans, offering opportunities for administrators to rethink strategies for culturally responsive teaching, community and family engagement, social and emotional learning, technology integration, and instruction across disciplines.” – Ed Lamprich

A couple of months ago MDR published an article on empowering English learners. The environment that English learners are growing up in today is complex and full of various challenges. These students not only take on all the responsibilities of a K-12 learner, they are also simultaneously learning a new language and often are adjusting to a new culture. McGraw-Hill recently released its second English Learner Report charting changes and trends in EL education. Their report surveyed both teachers and administrators. It revealed that teachers are struggling to help their students navigate the outside world as it influences life inside the classroom. In fact, 69% of administrators and 65% of teachers reported that conversations about immigration impact their school’s environment.

McGraw-Hill’s recent survey provides valuable insights into how educators are meeting this challenge and also to the gaps that continue to persist. It revealed that:

  1. English learners are taught primarily in mainstream programs
  2. Collaboration and group work are key to langauge development
  3. Video and audio tools are effective
  4. Social and emotional supports present lots of challenges

Lamprich elaborates on each of these in his article. To read his article in full, click here.

“The environment in which English learners learn and grow will continue to improve, as long as educators, educational leaders, and other stakeholders continue to invest time and efforts into these areas that teachers have identified as effective for ELs. With the support of talented, passionate educators, today’s English learners will undoubtedly have a bright future, ready to leverage their skills and experiences throughout their academic and professional careers.” – Ed Lamprich

To review McGraw-Hill’s survey results in full, visit www.mheducation.com/elreport