Title 1 and Academic Programs Funding

Title I provides funding to support academic achievement, specifically helping low-income students meet performance standards. Support school and district Title I programs with Learn OnDemand™ tools for your school or district. Here’s how:

  • Post state and math standards in every classroom
  • Display rubrics and grading expectations
  • Reinforce key learning concepts (enlarge learning Strategies and reminders)
  • Create print-rich learning environment
  • Support Early Reading (phonemic charts)
  • Support Early Reading First and Reading First through “Big Book” creation of teaching materials
  • Use posters on walls, on floor and in small groups
  • Create interactive word walls
  • Create reusable kinesthetic manipulatives for discussion webs, math, reading keys, mind mapping, and structured note taking
  • Create cutouts of 100 most frequently used words
  • Support concrete learning of English/language arts through the use of alphabet cutouts
  • Enlarge and laminate graphic organizers, identifying similarities and differences
  • Learn on demand visual learning tools

Download the Title 1 Justification Guide (PDF)

See Sample Justifications written by schools who are currently loving the Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System

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