“A highly effective educator in every classroom is the most powerful lever to actualize growth and achievement for all students. High quality professional learning for our teachers and leaders is the best way to build the kind of individual and collective educator efficacy to make this happen. ” -Jacob Bruno, Vice President, Professional Learning, NWEA

Bruno recently wrote an article on the importance of supporting professional learning that empowers our teachers to make, measure, and maximize their impact on student learning. His article lists the following four areas where quality professional learning is essential to making this happen:

  • Alignment of instruction and assessment to rigorous academic content standards
    • With instruction and assessments aligned to high-quality standards, teachers can better monitor their students’ progress toward proficiency and adjust their instructional practices to ensure every learner is on track to succeed.
  • All stakeholders understanding the academic growth of each student
    • This knowledge enables teachers to target instruction for individual student needs.
  • Understanding of the purpose and instructional use of every lesson, task, and assessment of learning
    • Teachers must understand the key objectives for each lesson, task, and formal or informal assessment, and how the resulting data will help inform instruction and help students learn.
  • Educators who are deeply assessment and data literate
    • Teachers must be able to interpret and apply the data to help their students learn.

Bruno elaborates on each of these in his article.

Providing teachers with high quality curriculum, resources, tools, and professional learning is imperative to helping students improve and grow. It is crucial that educators have the support of parents, community leaders, and policymakers.

“When we give teachers the professional learning and support that they need to deliver quality instruction, the powerful combination of their commitment and their efficacy will lead to the learning and achievement revolution that every student deserves.” – Jacob Bruno, Vice President, Professional Learning, NWEA

To read Bruno’s article in full, click here.