“The nation’s community colleges are a pathway to well-paying jobs for many Americans,” said Dr. Walter G. Bumphus, president and CEO of the American Association of Community Colleges. “By aligning local economic development needs and the needs of students, community colleges bridge the gap between employers and skilled workers. We will continue to leverage partnerships with the business sector to help to ensure that American workers and businesses remain competitive in the 21st century global labor market.”
IBM announced earlier this month that they are expanding their partnerships with several community colleges across the country. The goal is to prepare college students for “New Collar” job opportunities. These well paid positions will require in-demand technology skills. In fact, when it comes to these positions, in-demand technology skills are preferred over a degree from a traditional four-year college. IBM will collaborate with community colleges on the design of the curricula when it comes to the IT skills the students will need to be successful. In addition, IBM is partnering with community colleges close in proximity to some of their major U.S. facilities. IBM will offer students the chance to participate in internships as well as apprenticeships within their company. They will also do some direct hiring for careers within IBM. Within six months time, IBM plans to include over a dozen schools in areas such as: Columbia, MO; Rocket Center, WV; Dubuque, IA; Boulder, CO; Poughkeepsie, NY; Raleigh, NC; Austin, TX; Dallas, TX and Houston, TX.
“IBM has had real success tapping into a talent pool that doesn’t have traditional degrees. Last year alone, these New Collar professionals accounted for around 15 percent of our U.S. hiring,” said Sam Ladah, IBM’s vice president of talent. “We’re delighted to be providing more community college students with access to emerging technologies at the forefront of our industry, as well as hands-on exposure to New Collar career paths. Our goal is to make the IT industry more inclusive by helping a more diverse set of candidates understand that if they have the right skills, there’s an opportunity for them at today’s IBM.”
To read IBM’s announcement about their partnership with community colleges, click here.
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