iCivics announced the results of a survey conducted in March and April of this year. The survey looked at data from 1,083 users of their digital games and curricula. According to iCivics’ announcement, The results found an:

  • Increase in student engagement in classroom activities
  • Increase in student interest in politics or current events
  • Increase in student understanding of how our system of government and the rule of law work

In addition, teachers found the iCivics resources to be invaluable discussion starters.

“Founded in 2010, iCivics has created nineteen digital games-along with other digital resources and curricula-that teach, in a nonpartisan way, how our government and the rule of law work in. Its resources put young people in the driver’s seat as they navigate everything from the electoral process, to the inner workings of the Oval Office, to the U.S. Supreme Court.”- iCivics


One of the more popular games is “Win The White House”. This game helps students understand the electoral process. It puts the student in charge of creating their own presidential campaign as well gives them Executive Command. This allows students to experince the roles and responsibilities of the President first hand. As Presidents of the United States, the student is in charge of the executive branch. My daughter’s social studies class at her middle school played this game and loved it. She would talk about it continuously.

iCivics is viewed as both a trusted and a non-partisan resource and the best part is that it is FREE at iCivics.org. The survey results found that iCivics games assist teachers and students from all locations and demographics. They also go across political lines.

“All of iCivics’ games are designed to give teachers, students, and parents a safe space to learn about the foundations of American government, including structure and processes. Armed with this knowledge, students can better understand current events in our country, even in a polarized environment.” – iCivics  


To read iCivics’ announcement of their survey results, click here.