Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System Justifications Samples

Writing a justification for the Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System is easy, and we’ve provided some samples below to get you started. These are examples from actual justifications written by schools who are using and loving our poster makers system!

Example #1:

65% of students are visual learners. Student achievement is linked directly to usage of anchor charts and signage that scholars can use to reference during instruction as well as independent practice. Having teacher-created support ensures that information printed and posted is directly linked to the standards being addressed in that classroom or grade level. With more than 1,400 curriculum based educational templates pre-loaded, this system provides staff with a poster maker that can minimize preparation time for resources and allow them more time to prepare other aspects of their lessons and materials for their classrooms. In addition, there are Spanish templates that we can use to impact our Spanish-speaking scholars and families. Even our administrators will have access to templates that will enhance the motivation of Character Education and Parental Involvement. The Learn OnDemand Poster Maker offers everything needed to make our classrooms and school building visual learning environments for both scholars and families.

Example #2:

The Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System is used to create educational/motivational aides for display in classrooms and hallways as well as used to advertise parent events. The necessity of the color poster maker can be demonstrated in the following areas: by posting key learning maps, graphic organizers and core concepts. Students will be able to take responsibility for their own learning, and the ability to duplicate and enlarge student work for authentic assessment and review processes, able to create large scale templates where students can work collaboratively; Professional development for teachers, project based instruction, learning focused instructional integration, parent meetings, Quarterly test results, End of Grade test results, parent surveys, student and teacher evaluations, teacher observations, student end of quarter projects, weekly lesson plans turned in and reviewed, student portfolios, student instructional intervention plans, Study Island data, parent sign-in sheets, etc.