Now offering our new ‘one side matte, one side glossy’ lamination – for the same price as glossy only!

*for 25″ cold laminators only*

Cold LaminatorsCold Laminators

  • No heat
  • No electricity
  • No smell
  • No warmup time!

Use cold laminating systems to quickly and easily protect and preserve posters, cutouts, artwork, and more.

No electricity or heat is needed, allowing the cold laminators to work with any paper, and the dual-sided laminate can be trimmed without the edges separating.

Cold LaminatorsCoolLam 25" Cold Laminator

The CoolLam 25" Cold Laminator makes document, signage and poster laminating up to 25" wide fast and easy. The CoolLam instantly applies laminate, without heat or electricity. Simply feed the item in, turn the handle, and trim. No smell, no mess, no waiting. The CoolLam's aggressive adhesive, coupled with high pressure rollers improves both transfer and bonding quality. Our patented supplies allow quick and easy application changes and provide even edge-to-edge adhesive application. No system is simpler or safer to use.

Laminators for Schools


Lam 1200 12" Cold Laminator

The Lam 1200 offers an eco-friendly alternative to heat lamination. This little machine can tackle projects up to 12- inches wide. High pressure rollers apply an even layer of laminate on your items without any warm up time, or even the need for electricity. Great for larger projects up to 12-inches wide and virtually limitless length.



Desktop Lam 9" Cold Laminator

Laminate documents up to 9" wide or legal-size. The Desktop Lam requires no electricity and is easy to use. Laminate student artwork, tests and more!


Now offering the Laminator Spinner Tray!

Do you have limited space, such as a desktop, to use your laminator? Are you always having to move that heavy machine to reach the front AND back while laminating? We have the answer! The Laminator Spinner Tray makes laminating in a tight space a breeze. With its 360 degree motion, heavy duty design, and smooth performance, you'll never have to worry about working in a tight space with your laminator again!