Follett is announcing a new educational tool they’re calling Collections by Destiny. Librarians, teachers, and other staff members will now be able to share free or purchased resourses with others in their school and district. Educators will now have access to resources around the clock allowing even more opportunities for learning and practice.

“Collections by Destiny is designed to help reduce time spent on instructional planning and research, maximize visibility and usage of a district’s or school’s educational resources, and, significantly, encourage deeper learning in and outside of the classroom,” Qaimari continued. “Beyond librarians, teachers and curriculum teams, students too will be able to benefit from Collections as they can save an eBook for a book report, as well as videos, websites and even their own, created content to share with their teacher.” -Follett


No longer do educators need to spend lots of time searching for resources in the libarary, classroom, or anywhere else. With Collections by Destiny, collecting resources has never been earier. In addition, to the convenience Collections by Destiny offers educators, it also benefits parents- offering them visibility of resources provided by the school, classroom teacher, and district.

“It will help promote an increased communication between teachers and parents through the sharing and collaboration features to truly help students read or study from classroom to living room.” -Qaimari


If you would like to learn more about Collections by Destiny, you may click here.

In addition, Follett is offering a webinar on Collections by Destiny on Thursday, July 27th. It is scheduled for 3pm EDT/noon PDT. You may register by visiting There is also an explainer video which brings Collections by Destiny to life at

Note: Collections by Destiny is a cloud-based solution. Users must be on version 15.0 or later to access it.