Student-centered learning environments are gaining in popularity. The goal is to create a learning environment where students and teachers are able to work together to decide on the best learning path for that particular student.

“Personalized learning creates a dynamic relationship between teacher and student – and that new type of collaboration can trigger many changes, such as greater student participation in designing the learning experience and increased use of real-time student data and insights. When introducing such a fundamental shift in the classroom, administrators have to ensure they are giving their teams the resources and learning opportunities that will allow them to confidently navigate this new environment of student-teacher collaboration and digital learning.” – MDR


While all learning communities differ and their individual needs vary, MDR mentions in their article the importance of district leaders offering teachers extensive support and ongoing professional development. Without it, the personalized learning they implement will not be truly effective. MDR lists the following supports that should be provided to teachers when setting up student-centered learning.

  1. Hands-on Leadership from Administrators During All Phases of Implementation

“Leaders should be entrenched in the environment, present in the classroom, and active in the evolving process.” – MDR


2. Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities

“(Professional Development Opportunities) should be collaborative (online and face-to-face), real-time, and relevant. ” – MDR


3. Teacher Collaboration and Sharing

“…it’s critical that teachers have visibility into their colleagues’ experiences, so they can share what’s working and what’s not working with each other. Teachers can sometimes feel isolated in their classroom and remain unaware of how technology is being used, even if exciting personalized learning experiences are being implemented just next door.” – MDR


MDR’s article includes a video on personalized learning and the steps leaders can take to support teachers as well as a web address for an online community that district leaders looking for professional learning opportunities around student-centered learning can join. To learn more, click here.