Those who are not native speakers of English and enter the american school system, can quickly become overwhelmed. Students are expected to keep up with regular schoolwork in their class, as well as try to comprehend exactly what is going on in class, everyday. That’s why English as a Second Language (commonly referred to as ESL) is such an important class for students who struggle with English to be included in. ESL education is the only thing that can help keep them up to speed in two ways; it’s like normal schooling, but with an emphasis on learning English.

Learning multiple languages is important, not matter where in the world you are. One language that is incredibly important to learn, however, is English. While this might seem like an elitist point of view, it actually isn’t; because of the number and power of the countries that do speak English, English has become the language that is the “international business language”. Because of the importance of business in our society, English has become incredibly important to learn. ESL gives those who are learning English as a new language. They are learning the basics of whatever level of schooling they are at, while learning English. While this is harder and more challenging for these students, it’s incredibly important for them. ESL is important as it is important to give all students an opportunity to learn, even if they do not have a complete grasp on the English language.

I have provided a few links to resources for those teaching ESL classes:

Currently, we are developing a few ESL Posters to go along with each subject that can be printed out on our Full-Color Poster Maker. The templates will be fully editable, so that any educator could change them to fit their curriculum’s standards.

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