MDR recently published an article listing the top 5 apps used in classrooms today. According to a survey of over 4,000 teachers nationwide, they are:

  • #1: Google Classroom- 44%
  • #2: Kahoot!- 41%
  • #3: Remind- 30%
  • #4: Quizlet- 27%
  • #5: Khan Academy- 25%

In first place, we have Google Classroom. This free web service allows teachers to create and manage classes online. Not to mention that students can track their classwork and collaborate with other students through Google Classroom.

Kahoot! came in second and is also free. Kahoot! is a game based learning platform which allows both teachers and students to create games though various modules. Students are able to play the games they and others create in Kahoot!.

“Some new features of note include the new “Challenge” mode, where teachers can assign quizzes made in Kahoot! for homework, by sharing a link or game PIN, or by integration with Google Classroom.  Challenge mode only works if the app is installed on a mobile device, or Windows 10. Kahoot! also offers professional development opportunities, with the “Team” mode, which allows them to post pedagogical questions to encourage discussion and community with other teacher users.” – Jodi Murphy


Remind, a communication tool, came in third place. Teachers are able to connect with students and parents through messaging in Remind. Once the teacher has created a “Classroom” and parents have joined it, the app will message parents’ phones directly. Teachers are also able to send photos through Remind.

Quizlet is a smiple learning tool and came in fourth place. Like most of the others, it is free. Students are able to use flashcards, games, and other interactives to study just about anything in Quizlet. Science and art teachers are even able to create diagrams with only the details they want their students to see. Quizlet also includes a collection of licensed Flickr photographs making it the perfect choice for subjects with lots of visual content.

In fifth place, we have Khan Academy which is also free. In addition to offering practice exams and instructional videos, Khan Academy also offers a personalized learning dashboard which allows students to learn in and outside the classroom at their own pace. Khan Academy offers the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Computer Programming
  • History
  • Art History
  • Economics
  • SAT prep and more

These top five apps help to fill gaps in the curriculum. To read Murphy’s article in full, click here.